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We have been running our family accommodation Frikulín (free-cool-in) in Kunvald village since 2005.

It was originally a homestead which has been reconstructed.

It is situated approximately at 500 metres above sea level in the upper part of the village. And it is located in beautiful surroundings of The Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory).

The village is known both in the Czech Republic and abroad for being historically important place as in 1457 The Brotherly Unity (Jednota Bratrská) was founded there.

In Kunvald you can visit The Brethren´s house (Domek na Sboru), where the Brothers used to gather. You can also see The Brethren linden-tree they planted here. Or you can set off the nature trail to The Prayer Valley (Modlivý důl).

Either in the village or in its surroundings are located diverse cycle paths, touristic pathsways (ridge only 3 km far away), running tracks, ski slopes, waterpark Žamberk, Pastviny water dam and a lot of other interesting spots and historical sights.

The centre of the village, where you can find a shop, a restaurant , a post office, a bus station and other services, is about 5 minute walk away from Frikulín.

We are looking forward to your visit.

19 August 2018 News

Ubytování Frikulín

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Jiří Trejtnar

561 81, Kunvald 71

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