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Winter Summer
Some places of interest to tourists
  • Kunvald - the cradle of the Brotherly Unity (a sort of reformist church). Nature trail guides you to the „Czech Brothers Chapel“, where the Brotherly Unity was founded.Now there is a museum there. You cannot miss the remarkable lime tree which was planted out in 1547 by the brotherly community.
  • Beautiful walk along the river Divoká (Wild) Orlice - you come to newly reconstructed Zemská brána (Land Gate), Pašerácká lávka (Smuggler´s footbridge), the village Čihák and the hill Adam (lovely view to Poland)
  • Eagle Mountains ridgeway:
    • nature trail „Concrete border“ is a unique system of bunkers from the World War II
    • the crests (Šerlich, Velká Deštná (Rain Mountain), Zakletý,…)
    • Kunštátská chapel etc.
  • Hanička - the artillery fortress, Panské pole (Landlord’s Square)
  • Neratov - the place of pilgrimage
  • Pastviny (Grazing Lands) – the valley reservoir
  • Hedeč – the convent near the town of Králíky

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